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Show #12 – Chad Reed

Hosts Paul Lindsey and Steve Matthes will also discuss the Jacksonville Supercross and everything that went down there in a bench race session of epic proportions. Special guest this week: Chad Reed. Listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

No Paul Lindsey
33:10 – Eric Sorby
38:35 – Chad Reed
50:00 – Nash
1:16:20 – X Brand Tearoffs
1:20:00 – Steve Cox
1:50:20 – Nash
1:51:00 – Kenny’s Corner (Shawn Ulikowski, Buddy Antunez)
2:06:00 – Watson’s RM Cup story (Deegan’s friends moving hay bales and packing the start straight)
2:09:45 – Mike Jones story

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