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Show #14 – Tony Alessi and Tony Berluti

This week on the Show we have the father of one of the top riders in the sport, Tony Alessi, as well as the longest tenured mechanic on the AMA circuit, Tony Berluti. Listen to the Show LIVE on Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

23:20 – Berluti’s riders he’s wrenched for
26:45 – Mickael Pichon’s dad with a shovel/Berluti story
34:35 – Tony Alessi
1:28:40 – Nash
1:37:50 – Jimmy Button
1:40:10 – Watson saves someone from drowning story
1:43:00 – Kenny’s box van story; “a bucket, 2 Playboys, and a flashlight, and a sleeping bag.”
2:14:20 – Hill/J Law Daytona story
2:25:25 – Xavier (French promoter)
2:37:10 – X Brand Tearoffs

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