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Show #15 – Ryan Villopoto, Jeremy Albrecht and Tim Ferry

Kenny Watson and Steve Matthes talk to Ryan Villopoto about his crash and his health, as well as JGR Team Manager Jeremy Albrecht and some guy named Tim Ferry. Listen to the Show live on Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST.

4:30 – emails about Kenny
25:20 – Ryan Villopoto
52:40 – Watson’s story about RV’s dad; “That kid needs to learn not to drink the bong water.”
1:00:00 – Jeremy Albrecht
1:17:50 – Watson and a cat story
1:20:05 – Albrecht’s Loretta Lynn’s streaker story
1:23:40 – Nash
1:43:50 – Tim Ferry
2:02:15 – Ferry and Steve first time meeting
2:18:50 – X Brand Tearoffs
2:20:35 – Kenny’s Corner (Steve Lamson, Dan Betley, Todd Brown)
2:30:15 – Big Ed delivering a motorcycle to Michael Jordan
2:31:10 – Big Ed’s Watson stories

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