The Fly Racing Moto:60 Show

Show #167 – Indianapolis SX 2019

It’s Matthes, you and this series’ race discussion. Don’t forget to call in. Remember to listen live Thursday’s at 12pm PST!

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  1. Love your show Steve, been a long time fan. Also ride/race a Intense Sniper XC love it to bits. I have a solution for a B Main race when it comes to triple crowns. If the fans want to see more action and more privater field. If every fan puts in $1.00 and you have approx 25,000 fans at each race divide the money to the top five. Could be a good little pay day, Dash for Cash sort of thing.

    As well i know its a total pain coming to Toronto do you think Feld would come back sooner than later. I’d love to call into the show I have allot to say when is a good time being from Ontario. Cheers keep up the awesome work you all do, Greg

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