The Fly Racing Moto:60 Show

Show #168 – Seattle SX 2019

It’s Matthes, you and this series’ race discussion. Don’t forget to call in. Remember to listen live Thursday’s at 11am PST!

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  1. Matthes
    Been a lot of whining lately about sand on your shows, followed about recollections when they was tolerable, Tampa, Vegas. I haven’t heard anyone mention the best one ever, Oakland 2015. Some industry expert? had this to say, so without further ado, and too:

    “And, yeah, there was a sand section, but it wasn’t the one-line thing we usually see. It was great! A switchback inside/outside lane in the sand that got rough and offered up some options was a really cool idea. In supercross, sand, when done right, is cool. Fortunately, it was done right this time.”

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