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Show #171 – James Stewart, Jason Anderson, Johnny O’Mara, Weege and 7 Deuce Deuce in Studio

James Stewart joins us to discuss his progressive SX series and his National expectations. Jason Anderson talks about his first title, O’Show joins us to discuss current events and Thomas Convington. Weege, Adam Enticknap and Cory Moser are in studio for the comedy. Remember to listen live Monday’s at 6pm PST!

1:13:45 – Joey Savatgy as Jason Anderson
1:16:00 – “I’ve always been a big deal.” – Savatgy
1:16:40 – ” No, yeah, for sure we turned up.” – Savatgy
1:19:15 – “I must have gone by him and pulled his dread or something.” – Savatgy
1:20:20 – “Like I said I’m a pretty big deal, I got a few phone now.” – Savatgy
1:25:00 – “Well I mean my head will be pretty big.” – Savatgy
1:27:45 – Sipes/Anderson practice start crash
1:28:30 – “I have four [phones] now in case you wanted to know.” – Savatgy
1:29:40 – “Where is the #1 plate as we speak?” – Weigandt – “Duct taped to the hood of my truck.” – Savatgy
1:31:50 – four phone locations

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