Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Keefer Tested

Show #186 – Washougal LL Regional/Ranch Talk/2021 KX & Off-Road Lineup

In this double dose episode, get the download on the Washougal LL Regional, how it was ran, what the track was like, how the YZ125/CRF250R handled the rough/slick Washington surface and all that encompassed the three day event. Yes, we even get some “Amateur National Heather” updates as well! In part two, get the scoop on the 2021 Kawasaki KX & Off-Road lineup and what’s in store for you Team Green consumers.

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  1. Loved your podcast with Aden about your trip to Washougal. I’ve been to Washougal and it’s incredible!I wanted to race Montana and Washougal IOTMX races but the Canada-US border is closed. I’ve been in Alberta Oldtimers 15 years.We met at Kamlopops(2014) and Ontario AX (2016). I’m 66 and love ripping my RM 125’s. Being a moto dad to a son and two grandkids that live with me, I can relate to everything you talked about. The podcast was funny, informative and so entertaining Kris! I learned so much like the tip on the starting technique, shift to second… Best wishes and luck to you and Aden at Lorettas. And to Heather too! poor stressed out moto mom! I tune into Pulp every week and play Fantasy every year as well.You have gone from fave cohost on Pulp Mx to fave podcast host period. Your enthusiasm and love for our sport drives me even more to ride and race. Thank you so much, stay safe on and off the track my friend.

  2. Fing love it!!! I want to share it on FB when I figure it out…I’m old…But love that family drive….Dude make your self a off road track in the dessert…With a bunch of small flags…It should be Glen Helen deep breaking bumps..For the whole thing with a Skiers slalom feel…1st gear to 2nd gear!! With a third gear grab every now and ..Then 5 to 6 miles In make it out for wide open 4th 5th gear wide open acceleration bumps..zig zag for a mile or so..then .Back to Slalom For 2 miles …another fast mile to breathe..and 2 more miles of slalom feel..( I get you don’t have huge uphills or down hill sections ) …But if the pretend those flags are trees…And ride it with 7 guys 8 times hard it will form…Then you got a east coast test track…Kinda….It should develop breaking bumps,alternate lines,and acceleration bumps..which should be at least 8 to 10” deep when proper….Thanks peace love and hair grease!!!!!

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