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Show #23 – Jimmy Button, Erin Normoyle, Eddie Ray

Repeat guest Jimmy Button lets everyone in on the details for his Miles4Miracles ride coming up next year and a WMX debate arises out of nowhere and Erin Normoyle and Eddie Ray call to weigh in.

11:30 – Voicemails
17:25 – Emails
32:00 – Has Been (brings up WMX)
43:05 – Jimmy Button
1:01:15 – Eddie Ray
1:10:30 – Wil Hahn
1:23:30 – Nash
1:38:50 – Erin Normoyle
1:54:10 – X Brand Tearoffs
1:56:25 – Kenny’s Corner (Shaun Palmer, Mickael Pichon (ice water in hotel story), Jeff Stanton)  :  2:08:25 – Eddie Ray discussing WMX
2:31:25 – Erin Normoyle

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