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Show #31 – Davey Coombs, Randy Yoho and Andrew Short.

Listen in as DC of MX Sports gives his thoughts on the ’10 National MX series, Randy Yoho discusses his Dade City Raceway series and Captain America, Andrew Short, gives his thoughts leading into his first MXoN appearance in Lakewood, Co. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

16:45 – voicemails
37:15 – Has Been
38:40 – Randy Yoho (Dade City MX)
1:00:15 – Tom McGovern (Monster/Kawi PR)
1:06:30 – Davey Coombs
1:59:50 – Moser
2:11:50 – Andrew Short
2:15:20 – “Well fire me then, dude, alright. Fuckin’ fire me.” – Watson
“If the US wins…will you please hold Jacki’s hand?” – Watson (this had been an ongoing story)
2:25:05 – Moser
2:27:40 – Nash
2:53:15 – X Brand Tearoffs
2:55:00 – Kenny’s Corner (AMA Jay, Michael Brandes)

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