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Show #36 – Zach Osbourne in Studio, Jake Weimer, Michael Leib, David Pingree, Paul Gross

Its a PulpMX Show GP special! Zach Osbourne sits in studio and brings his likable personality and GP trivia to the guests and K-Dub. Weimer talks about his new ride with Kawasaki. Michael Leib, a fellow American racing the GP’s talks about his future with Husky and Ping gets a cold call and Paul Gross explains what his MX for Children fundraiser is all about. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

9:55 – email
18:25 – voicemails
24:05 – Has Been
30:00 – Watson GP quiz
54:00 – Jake Weimer
55:30 – Weimer GP quiz
1:11:15 – Nash
1:11:25 – Weimer’s Mitch Payton story (stolen t-shirts)
1:13:15 – Weimer’s Mitch Payton story (calling in the middle of the night)
1:17:40 – Weimer/Bradshaw story
1:35:15 – Michael Leib
1:40:10 – Leib GP quiz
1:56:00 – Moser
2:03:00 – Watson’s Team Shark story
2:20:20 – David Pingree
2:22:20 – “Snack pack” nickname for Osborne
2:25:50 – Ping GP quiz
2:35:40 – Paul Gross

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