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Show #37 – You, David Pingree, Rich Taylor, Jimmy Button

Back after a couple weeks off with your calls, Pingree folds under the pressure of the Twitterverse, Button-Fly drops some truth on the chat-room shit talkers and Rich Taylor does what Rich Taylor does, just kills it with fascinating memories. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

1:50 – 1st Tits Legendary appearance
7:35 – emails
22:50 – Bob from Omaha reference
24:05 – Has Been
36:00 – Tits reads the News
45:10 – Moser
51:10 – David Pingree
1:08:30 -Rich Taylor (X Brand)
1:19:00 – Taylor’s Jean-Sebastien Roy story
1:47:30 – Taylor’s Bob Hannah stories
1:51:40 – Rich Taylor dating Picabo Street
1:57:20 – Jimmy Button
2:17:40 – Kenny’s Corner (John Kitsch, Doug Henry, John Dowd)
2:23:20 – X Brand Tearoffs
Matthes convinces Pingree to join Twitter on this show

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