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Show #371 – Austin Forkner, Tyler Bowers, Alex Ray, Donnie Emler Jr, with Tyler Medaglia, Eric Phipps and Kris Keefer In-Studio

Austin Forkner has wowed most of us with his two main wins and zero mistakes, he’s on to talk about his solid start. LilD is on to talk about the Drop, Steve’s BluCru exhaust and Keefer Inc testing relationship. T-Dags is in from Canada to talk about all things Canuckian and the ever controversial Tyler Bowers has finagled his way onto the show for the 3rd straight week with an impressive takeout and disqualification in Dallas.

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  1. Thanks for suggesting the Whisky Throttle Show – GL and Ping are great – they do not beat the dead horse and have long 1 on 1 interviews with great questions! Great show.

  2. You know what, that little JT is a bias little guy, if Coop does good JT will find everything in the book to push his little argument that; well Rox. this ET that MM bla bla- they were catching copper bla…bla…The point is, they didn’t catch Coop and they didn’t win. sorry JT, you have some good takes here and their, but you my friend are a POS. STAMP THAT Mid-Pack

  3. Sorry RAD_7 but you’re obviously a Mini Coop fan boy. While everybody has a bit of personal bias, JT is the last guy to show it. His mind always looks at all parts of the equation, and he is accused of waffling by Matthis because he always addresses both sides of any argument. He does this with all riders, so the fact that it struck a nerve with you shows your bias, not his.

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