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Show #39 – Mitch Payton, Ken Roczen, Tim Ferry and Trey Canard

Some call it our best show ever. Judge for yourself. The ever interesting Mitch Payton, 16yr old German prodigy Ken Roczen, and two red headed fella’s who know a thing or two about dirt cicle racin’. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

14:00 – voicemails
15:55 – emails
20:20 – “That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.” – Matthes on caller’s idea
32:35 – Mitch Payton
49:00 – Moser
1:08:15 – Ken Roczen
1:19:30 – caller asks question in German
1:22:00 – Moser
1:27:45 – “How long have you been speaking English, because you are doing a really well job.” – Watson-ism
1:29:20 – “I usually don’t like people from Europe.” – Watson
1:43:00 – News
1:53:40 – Tony Alessi (not going to races for the year)
2:09:45 – Tim Ferry & Trey Canard
2:23:15 – “What can we pass on? Well, just hope the competition parties all summer and crashes at the end. Then we win.” – Ferry’s advice
2:28:20 – “Hey Pete, hang yourself.” – Watson
2:28:30 – Nash
2:30:25 – Matthes telling the story of Ferry paying him whatever was in his wallet for a bonus
2:47:50 – Dean Wilson trying to impersonate a redneck
3:00:10 – Has Been / Watson says “show’s over” and doesn’t allow the call

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