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Show #392 – Aaron Plessinger, Broc Tickle, Ivan Tedesco, Wil Hahn with Kenny Watson and Kyle Bentley In-Studio

Aaron Plessinger has two races under his belt and comes on to talk about entering the series midstream. Broc Tickle has finally got a date to set his sights on for a return and we talk about his preparation for that. Hot Sauce hasn’t been on in a super long time so it’s great to have IT9 back on and we have Kyle Bentley and the OG Kdub in studio!

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  1. Please don’t ever bring Kenny on again. Your sponsors probably didn’t appreciate him immediately cutting you off while trying to name them; nor did I like him constantly cutting others off mid-sentence, nor his very negative/disruptive attitude. His disrespect for you could practically be felt through the podcast.

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