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Show #395 – Cole Seely, Jeff Stanton with Damon Bradshaw, Max Steffens and JT In-Studio

Cole Seely recently announced his retirement and we wanted to get the Factory Honda Pilot on to talk about his career. Jeff Stanton is also on to talk old school 90’s Moto and oh yeah we have DAMON BRADSHAW IN STUDIO too!! JT Money is in as well. What a show!

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  1. Steve,

    No one is going to turn on you for blocking Dylan’s number. The kid’s enthusiasm is terrific and I love other super fans but damn it. Anyone with eardrums has been relentlessly assaulted by the disciple of the Church of Tomac for 3 weeks now.

  2. We had Damon Bradshaw on and we had to listen to listen to Dylan cry about you guys picking on ET3? Time for a Dylan ban!

  3. )Hey this is a pt2 to my previous reply for Keefer after dark can you include this? ) so we’ve talked and gone back and fourth she told me she felt like the spark was gone and we had a lot of issues communication issues and trust issues but what can we do for us to get back together I felt so happy with this girl and it was the same for her but the spark is gone and I still feel hope I’m told to follow my heart and it goes straight to her I’ve gone out with friends but it wasn’t the same and I wasn’t happy and honestly it’s affected me at work and caused me a lot of sleepless nights how can I get over her or how can we get our spark back together my family loved her and her family always talked good about me but what can we do ?

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