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Show #400 – Adam Cianciarulo, Jake Weimer, Nick Wey and Ryan Villopoto In-Studio

FOUR HUNDRED SHOWS!! This fleeting idea of a weekly live show has come so much further than we ever could have dreamed and for this incredible achievement we pulled out the big guns. Four of the most outspoken, honest and gas-lighting friends of the show we have ever had. RV, AC, NYK and Jake n Coke. What a glorious night! Thanks to all you fans and our sponsors for helping us get here and continue on!

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  1. RV love ya bud, but please for the love of all things holy, stop talking over everyone. Christ all mighty that was painful.

    1. What’s the deal ?
      I thought RV was going to be on the podcast. I listened to the whole show (twice) and never heard his voice. Perhaps he was there and simply had nothing to say. I guess he just prefers to sit quietly in the background and observe. Maybe Ryan is one of those guys that is just really chill, extremely shy, and doesn’t have any opinions or at least any he cares to share.
      With the other scheduled guests I figured this would be a real comfortable and familiar group of guys and Ryan would gain the confidence to spread his wings and fly, you know, break out of his shell.
      Anyway, It would have been a great opportunity to hear one of the greatest racers in AMA history, and get his thoughts on the past and present.
      Maybe what I heard is true. A mutual friend told me RV is just a real humble and modest guy, who truly believes he wasn’t really very good.
      If you read this RV, you were. You were good. Please believe in yourself!
      Now soar like an eagle little ginger bird.

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