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Show #449 – Cooper Webb, Andrew Short, Dustin Pipes with Phil Nicoletti, Jason Weigandt and JT In-Studio

Cooper Webb comes on to talk about his prep for 2021 SX but mostly to bust Phil’s balls. Dustin Pipes joins us to talk about the HEP Suzuki team’s plan for the coming season, Andrew Short calls in from the Dunes and we have Filthy, Weege and JT all in studio providing comic relief and general sarcasm and lots of ribbing. Great show!!

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  1. Hi Steve, love your show. I’m a truck driver in Canada running from St. Jacobs ON to Winnipeg MN. Listening to your show really helps pass the miles. My question is how can I LISTEN LIVE to Supercross? I have the NBC sports app but it burns to much data. Is it available on Sirius satellite radio for example?

  2. Just signed up for fantasy sx and mx looking forward to playing and getting aggravated! If filthy wants a town job w retirement benefits tell him Carver Ma. Highwat dept will hire him

  3. Hi Steve, please never change that Matthew Good song. It’s strange, each time I start the podcast and hear this song, it feels like… real comforting. Just like when I eat madeleines soaked in tea.

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