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Show #487 – Hunter Lawrence, Phil Nicoletti, Steve Westfall, Tod Hammock with Michael Lindsay In-Studio

A1 is upon us and it’s an exciting time. Tonight we prime our selves with a tandem visit with Filthy Phil and Scott Huddleston of Hunter Lawrence joins us to discuss a cool “mall ride” that he Mirts and Redbull have cooked up. Tod Hammock of the Kicker Arenacross series is on to talk about that series kickoff and Scuba Steve recently retired from Rockstar Husky and he comes on to talk about that choice. Michael Lindsey is in studio!

00:00 General Discussion

17ish – SX preview talk

20ish – Mookie

26:30 – Phil Nicoletti

39:40 – Ask Scott if Phil is the worst sponsorship ever

1:14:30 – 1:37:40 – Hunter Lawrence

1:17ish – Discussing Lawrence bros press conference

1:39:30 – Derek Rankin (on leaving Rocky Mountain team)

2:06:00 Race tech rant (east or west mystery, is it fixed?)

2:19 – Tod Hammock on arena cross

2:38 – Chris Betts

2:53:00 – Jason Thomas

3:01:50 – Eks Brands

3:10:15 – KTM photo question to ML

3:14:30 – Is Shimoda on the level of Jett/Craig / 250 talk

3:23:30 – Mansacped read (no graphic, didn’t have it loaded for JT and couldn’t find it in time)

3:28:30 – Steve Westfall (leaving Husky team manager role)

4:14:30 – SDI read

4:37:15 – Tweet at Tallon

4:46 – Pro vs local pro comparison

4:58:00 Worst thing about working in the industry question

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