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Show #497 – Malcom Stewart, Jordon Smith, Mitchell Oldenburg, Lars Lindstrom with Kellen Brauer In-Studio

Malcolm Stewart has taken a major step up for 2022 and continues to shine week after week. Detroit was another step forward for Mookie and he’s on to talk about theĀ progress. Jordon Smith has had a rough few years and continues to bounce back and pout forth his best effort. He’s on to talk about hisĀ perseveranceĀ and expectations. Mitchel Oldenburg comes on toĀ tap about his east series. It’s been some good with someĀ frustrating for the Freckle. Lars Lindstrom HRC Honda team manager is on to talk about the Red Riders and how the series has gone thus far. Kellen Brauer is in studio!

06:00 Can Mookie get a win? Will Tomac let Mookie go easy now that he has a big points lead?

9ish – Discussing all the Detroit crashes

21:30 – Does Eli get to 2nd in SX wins?

30 – Webb riding with 1 arm quick discussion

32 – Mookie

49:30 – Mookie and JA buried the beef

55:30 – Mookie talking about his decision to go pro

1:01:30 – Jordon Smith

1:03:30 – Talking about ruts at Detroit getting down to plywood

2:00 – 2:09ish Race Tech Rant – Karnow

2:11:10 JT

2:19:30 – Biggest shock of MXGP so far?

2:36:20 – Eks Brands

2:50:00 – Oldenburg

3:21ish – Chris Betts

4:04:30 Lars Lindstrom

4:29:25 Lars on Kenny

5:06:30 – Tweets

5:15:30 – Why Steve tweets about jackets on the parade lap

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