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Show #498 – Justin Brayton, Ryan Sipes, Logan Karnow, Alex Ray, Devon Raper with Travis Preston and Will Hahn In-Studio

Justin Brayton had a tough crash in qualifying at Indy which left him in concussion protocol and off the starting line for the night show. We talk to JB about a bunch of topics including his knowledge of the concussion process in SX. Ryan Sipes hasn’t been on in a while and we have the elder statesman “everyman of two-wheels” on to talk about what he’s been up to. A Ray and Deven Raper had them selves a MOMENT in Indy which lead to them both being disqualified, we have them on together to go over the excitement. We have Wil Hahn and Travis Preston in studio for a ton of good vibes and good times.

08:00 – Barcia/Anderson incident talk with Wil

17:50 – Tomac looks better than ever, is it a bad look for factory Yamaha now that Star bike is good?

32:20 – Brayton

39ish – Brayton says concussion protocol is better than ever

50 – Wil (short) – As team manager you get no praise but all blame when things are bad

1:07 – TP has regrets leaving the sport so early

1:15 – 6th in C class going to facility full time

1:22:55 – Ryan Sipes

Immediately into Sipes injuries

2:15:15 – JT

2:21:20 – Jett Talk, what he does now doesn’t mean he’ll be a 450 superstar

JT sways to the side of Jett being a generation talent

Jett convo goes about 13 minutes (until talking about Husky team with TP and JT), comparing to many previous top 125/250 guys

2:48:30 Karnow – Only Fans chick sponsor

2:54:45 – Karnow bike image on screen

3:10 – Ray/Raper

3:35:20 – Race Tech Rant

3:50 – Eks Brands

4:02 – Wil story about Magpies down under

4:32:30 – Manscaped read

4:49 – Some quick Barcia stories

4:55 Tweet at Tits

5:02 Short –  Retire vs quit debate, goes into teams in the industry not paying discussion

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  1. I listen to the 22nd podcast , I don’t know Steve’s history , however I like to discuss a bit on the karnow segment , Steve talking about privateers making good money he stated like 8k a month , most of privateers are not make that much as well do you realize a pro license is 350$ , every round is over 250$ per event not counting fuel and lodging to go every weekend from California to Midwest to south back west then back east , it is astronomical amount of money , we have 18 year olds to 29 years olds never having a real job and still living with parents , I’m all about chasing the dream , however I needed to clarify privateers are not making money , can’t be in it more money , cause it will break you and everyone around u , I do speak from experience, I’m
    50 rode and raced my whole life and and have two sons that started at 5 years old and competed since 2019 in Lucas oil nationals and have close friends in lites class sx , the sport we all love is a rip off to privateers .

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