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Show #504 – Ryan Dungey, Jeremy Martin, Chris Blose with Cooper Webb, Phil Nicoletti and Seth Rarick In-Studio

Ryan Dungey is coming back to race the Nationals after 5 years and he comes on to talk that decision and his expectations… which are of course to battle for wins!! Jeremy Martin comes on to talk about his new deal with ClubMX after a frustrating SX season which again left him sidelined. Chris Blose wrapped up his full time racing career in SLC and he joins us to reflect back on how impressive his career turned out to be. We draw the random winner of the PulpMX Yamaha Privateer Raffle Yamaha YZ450 and we have Filthy, Rarick and Cooper Webb in studio! So good!

10:30 – Bam Bam on Mookie
Phil “don’t hit and fucking run”
21:00 – 250 class finale talk
26 – What happened to Cooper Webb this year? (youtube fosho)
53 – Sethro on RM KTM stuff
1:02:00 Dungey
Immediately Dungey discusses decision to come back to race
1:07:30 – Phil “Dungey if you come back and win I’m gonna be so pissed”
2:08:20 – JMart
2:30 – Phil telling funny story
2:39 – Question to Cooper about season being boring since he couldn’t mess with Kenny
2:43:30 – JT
2:50ish – Discussing world supercross
3:05:30 – Eks Brands
3:23 Phil 9-5 comment
3:33 Blose
4:12:30 – Race tech rant about lcq race
4:21:30 – Away being ridiculous about the lcq race
4:30 – Phil story about Marshal Weltin paying for gas after making no money
4:33:30 – Webb looking up his purse for the weekend
4:37 – Phil talking about giving Enzo Lopes crap for riding bad
4:42ish – Tweets
5:01:30 – Cooper talking about Stew

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