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Show #508 – Ricky Carmichael, Adam Cianciarulo, Levi Kitchen with Michael Lindsay In-Studio

Levi Kitchen was on just last week but he pulled an impressive hole shot in 250 Moto one at Lakewood and we HAD to have him back on to talk about not just the start but a really convincing Moto win! Ricky Carmichael needs no reason to come on and have our full attention but when he comes on after a race broadcast, we have a great reason. We also talk to RC about a plethora of other current events in Pro Moto. Adam Cianciarulo has been off the starting line for a while now but he comes back on the air to talk healing, self betterment, NBA, the 2022 Nationals and his future. We have Michael Lindsey in studio holding down the cohost duties!

06:30 – Discussing Kenny at Lakewood
09 – Roczen/Tomac battle
18 – Steve/ML outdoor favorite after 3 rounds
27:30 – Kitchen good start, future
30:25 – Ricky Carmichael
32 – RC on being in the booth for outdoors
34:30 – RC on Kenny
42 – ML asks RC about if he would rather defend or attack at Lakewood
43:20 – Steve’s RC Lakewood story from ’05
50 – RC on Dungey’s return
1:05:50 – Kitchen
1:07:30 – Kitchen dealing with sickness at Lakewood
1:06:30 – Kitchen discusses winning his first pro Moto
1:14:10 – Kitchen thoughts on the Lakewood track
1:23 – Levi looking forward to High Point
1:24 – Levi on being around Windham
1:26:50 – Levi – “I don’t see how being on the show could help me”
1:29 – Twisted Tea mentions and HEP team stuff
1:32:30 – MavTV discussion from caller Nick
2:04:30 – AC
2:10:30 – AC on Kenny still being able to win
2:11:40 – AC on JA21 outdoors so far, into the “team fried” narrative being gone due to this year
2:17 – AC on recovery and rehab
2:40:20 – AC on his Ayahuasca retreat
2:45ish – JT
2:51:50 – Discussing Kitchen with JT
2:55:50 – MXdN picks
3:00 Eks Brands
3:33:50 – Race Tech Rant – Cairoli not getting paid
3:55:20 – ML on how things are at Vital
4:06:45 – ML on Ping leaving Vital due to censorship
4:17:30 – Tweets
4:18 – Eli vs Dungey argument, compared to RV vs Dungey
4:32:45 – Looking ahead to High Point
4:40 – Discussing AP7

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