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Show #51 – Justin Barcia, Jeff Emig and Wes Williams in Studio

Thanks everyone for listening, we had Barcia on to tell us nothing personal between him and Wilson, Emig talks about the supercross series and old times and Wes Williams from Vurb Moto sits in-studio to talk about amateur moto and the Mud Dolphin. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

5:20 – “Let’s get something straight. On this show, we never apologize to Tits.” – Watson
8:05 – “That kid impresses me because doesn’t he have, like, one thumb?” – Watson about Jessy Nelson  :
20:30 – email from Tits to Matthes apologizing for not paying attention
21:50 – emails
29:00 – voicemails
53:50 – News
59:20 – commercial
1:06:00 – Justin Barcia
1:19:50 – Nash
1:24:35 – “I take back everything I said about you, cool dude. You’re an idiot. Go hang yourself.” – Watson to Barcia
1:50:00 – Tweets
2:00:00 – commercial
2:06:20 – Jeff Emig
2:24:40 – Has Been
2:34:30 – Emig talking about Damon Bradshaw stories
2:39:10 – Emig’s Watson story eating a goldfish at a sushi place
2:57:50 – Moser
3:13:45 – Stroupe tweets
3:15:00 – X Brand Tearoffs
3:25:00 – “If you didn’t like the show, fuck off.” – Watson

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