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Show #514 – Cole Martinez, Weege, Chris Riesenberg, Jeremy Scism with Paul Perebijnos In-Studio

We’ve had a couple weeks off from the series for Loretta Lynn’s but we’re back with Cole Martinez who kept Mike Alessi from extending his LL’s title count and Cole is on to talk all about the experience and what he’s been up to since retiring from Pro racing. Weege is on to talk about his takeaways from the week at the Ranch and to clarify some stories that came out of the week of intense racing. Chris Reisenberg from Race Tech joins the show to talk about his week in Tennessee hanging with a sober Denny Stephenson and keeping all the Race Tech kids squared away on setup for the week. Jeremy Scism of AEO Powersports joins the show to talk about team ownership and silly season looking toward 2023. Paul Perebijnos is in studio for the sushi!!

Show start – Lorettas talk
18:00 – Discussing Horizon winners – lull in up and coming riders
28:30 – Weege
33:30 – Weird Loretta’s for lots of riders
39:30 – Deegan bike claimed (YOUTUBE FOSHO)
48:30 – Alessi start drama at Lorettas
56:10 – Craig Martin claiming rule story
1:02 – SuperMotocross talk with Weege
1:08 – WSX older guys all racing
1:15:10 – Chris Riesenberg “Checkers”
1:24:20 – Deegan going pro or not?
1:31:10 – Why less stand out guys at Lorettas?
2:03:30 – Cole Martinez
2:28:20 – Horizon award to Braswell snubs other guys
2:30:10 – Jason Thomas
2:31:10 – Sweden GP talk
2:45:30 – Team USA talk
2:51 – Team USA 250 rider Craig or Cooper?
2:55 – SuperMotocross talk with JT
3:02 – Some SuperMotocross TV talk, money talk
3:07 – Eks Brands
3:20:00 – Shane to Club announcement
3:25:15 – Jeremy Scism
3:41:20 – Ty Masterpool talk
3:47:30 – Race Tech Rant
Loretta’s gate pick drama
3:55:00 – SuperMotocross PR having little info
4:02:30 – Driving etiquette on the highway
4:05:30 – Looking ahead to Unadilla
4:30:30 – Electric 50 bikes staying cold before start
4:38:36 – Tweets

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