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Show #516 – Phil Nicoletti, Carson Mumford, Wil Hahn, Billy Grotto with Daniel Blair In-Studio

Phil Nicoletti is the agreed upon peoples champ of the PulpMX Show so we called upon him to hit on many topics of the day in the sport. Carson Mumford had himself a bit of a forgettable Budds Creek but on the whole, he is enjoying a more successful 2022 than 2021. We have him on to talk about that and the future. Wil Hahn comes on to talk about the Justin Barcia disqualification from Budds Creek. Billy Grotto brings his electric personality back to the show and we couldn’t be more stoked to have him on. Daniel Blair is in Studio with a fresh new job title. Lets goooooo!

09:30 – Tomac & Sexton at Budds
17 – Discussing the rotating race analysts
20:20 – Anderson winning Budds
31 – Phil
32 – Phil talks about his broken arm
37 – Phil maybe riding WSX
40 – Discussing Troll with Phil
42 – Discussing JMart with Phil
54:45 – Phil on Barcia getting DQed
58:20 – Phil on MXdN team
1:07 – Billy Grotto
1:16 – Billy on being at Sturgis for a month
1:22ish – Billy on Twisted not sponsoring outdoors
1:31:30 – Jason Thomas
1:32 – Caller Sam asks DB why he thinks he’s fit for amateur manager job
1:34:40 – Does DB like claim rule?
1:37:30 – Discussing Stew in the booth
1:40:30 – PP with Pastrana getting DQed at Lorettas for bunching
1:41:50 – Discussing Guillem Farres
1:46:20 – Discussing our MXdN team’s chances
1:56 – Steve gives JT tv advice, use stupid puns to end interviews
1:57:40 – Eks Brands
2:39:45 – Barcia V Ferrandis incident
2:42:40 – Race Tech Rant on DQ
2:51:50 – DB getting orange brigade job
3:04:15 – Carson Mumford
Right away – Getting stuck in gate
3:13:10 – What does Carson wish he knew coming into pros that he knows now
3:17:10 – What’s it like with Larry Brooks as manager for Carson
3:31:50 – Pookie & Wilbur
3:40 – Wil on the Barcia/Ferrandis incident
4:00ish – Giving kids in the sport time to grow
4:14 – RJ Hampshire win and bike changes
Followed by some 250
4:30:20 – Looking ahead to Indiana 450s
4:34:50 – Looking ahead 250s
4:37 – Tweets
4:42:30 – Sexton to KTM rumors
4:53:50 – Voicemails
5:03:20 – Quick SuperMotocross talk

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