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Show #53 – Chad Reed, Donnie Emler, Ken Roczen, David Pingree and David Vuilleman

Thanks for listening, DV told us about Pourcel, Reed told us about the outdoors, Roczen talked about the GP’s, Ping just called in and Emler gave stuff away. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

3:25 – “Wipe the semen off your lips.” – Watson to Tits on his Dungey fandom  :  “Really? That many people care? What a bunch of fuckin’ losers.” – Watson on the essay contest entrants
12:15 – “You know what Steve, fuck you.” – Watson
34:00 – voicemails
37:15 – David Vuillemin
48:25 – “Mike Ginobili” – Watson-ism
56:40 – commercial
1:10:50 – Chad Reed
1:37:25 – Has Been
1:40:55 – Ken Roczen
2:01:20 – voicemails
2:04:40 – commercial
2:16:30 – Donny Emler Jr.
2:35:00 – Nash
3:00:55 – David Pingree
3:04:20 – “Well I don’t know if anyone has ever talked to you about the side effects of marijuana.” – Pingree on Stroupe not reacting to gate drop
3:12:00 – “If he lived in Vegas it would be great. We would have a three way. Me, Kenny, and Ping.” – Matthes on a caller wanting Pingree to be co-host
3:15:25 – Sinjin
3:16:40 – Watson ditching a girl at a gas station in Wyoming story; “You can’t get rid of me that easy, Watson!”
3:21:45 – “I got banned from the King River when I was, like, 14. I was putting tents on fire.” – Watson

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