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Show #54 – Las Vegas SX Wrap Up w/Jason Thomas, Chris Blose and Zach Osborne

Thanks everyone for listening, good times recapping a very busy weekend on and off the track. And we got a preview of the USGP from Osborne. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

36:40 – Chris “The Cryer” Holliday
45:35 – “I’m not saying that at all, here, dickhead.” – Watson to a caller arguing about team manager duties
48:25 – “Every time he would go by, I had my lights on my car and I was flashing them at him.” – Watson on almost leaving Vegas SX before it was over while Chris Blose finished 4th
51:25 – Nash
1:07:30 – “I’m gonna go down in a flame of glory.” – Watson-ism
1:08:05 – commercial
1:23:10 – Chris Blose
1:26:10 – Watson’s Rehab pool story about bathroom lines “I just start peeing all over her foot.”  :  1:28:20 – “He’s gonna be hanging Mookie over the balcony at one of the races.” – JT on James Stewart becoming weirder
1:43:30 – Has Been
1:58:00 – “Maybe the Nazi will pull through. Ken Roczen.” – Watson
1:58:45 – “I hate Euros.” – Watson’s interview with LeBig
1:59:50 – Moser
2:16:10 – commercial
2:26:50 – Zach Osborne
2:50:40 – voicemails
2:53:10 – “Leave Hanny alone!” voicemail
2:57:15 – Zach Osborne again (calling about Armageddon)

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