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Show #55 – Travis Pastrana, Tommy Hahn, Ivan Tedesco and Phipps

Thanks to those that listened and we learned a lot tonight. Like, for example, the rape code. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

30:25 – Travis Pastrana
54:45 – Pastrana/Billy Payne Loretta Lynn’s takeout story
1:05:40 – Robert Pastrana sweeping everyone’s gates and yelling “Is anybody gonna beat Roncada?!” story
1:07:25 – “Just call me Rand. Rand McNally” – Watson when Matthes was lost around Hangtown  :
1:11:50 – commercial
1:21:40 – “You know what would be awesome. If you just masturbated in front of the camera.” – Watson on Matthes’ new Vivint security cameras
1:22:00 – “Rape code” on the security system
1:25:00 – Tommy Hahn
1:25:25 – Watson getting kicked out of the Hahns property story
1:37:20 – “I know. And I can suck it, right Kenny?” – caller “No, you can fuck off.” – Watson to caller  :
1:39:15 – Ivan Tedesco
1:40:05 – “I think you both suck.” – Tedesco on the tire changing contest
1:45:00 – Watson’s Dirt Diggers story
1:55:30 – story about Tedesco’s Texas property and getting the water truck stuck; “He looks like the help.” – neighbor; “I will never buy a bed liner because of that guy.”
2:02:45 – Nash
2:10:00 – commercial
2:25:10 – Eric Phipps (Works Connection)
3:00:20 – “I think he’s changed his ‘leaf’ on life.” – Watson-ism
3:01:30 – X Brand Tearoffs/tweets
3:05:40 – “You do so much for the sport of motocross.” – Nash
3:10:50 – “You know the song; politics or dancing.” – Watson-ism
3:16:40 – Has Been
3:35:20 – Stroupe tweets

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