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Show #59 – Ryan Villopoto, Michael Lapaglia, Ryan Hughes, Jimmy Albertson and Georgia Lindsay

We found out that RV didn’t invite Matthes to his wedding, Lapaglia regrets his fight with Hughes, Hughes doesn’t regret a thing and Albertson lost over six figures from his GP deal. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

21:30 – “Tits, I’ve told you this many times. You are not to speak until you’re spoken to.” – Watson to Tits
25:00 – voicemails
32:35 – Ryan Villopoto
46:20 – “Don’t even trip, potato chip. It ain’t that big of a deal.” – Watson-ism
54:25 – Nash (& 1:57:20)
1:01:25 – “It’s in Laguna. And you’re not invited Matthes.” – Villopoto on his wedding
1:02:45 – commercial
1:12:20 – Michael Lapaglia (got in a fight with Ryan Hughes at Mammoth)
1:25:40 – Sinjin
1:32:00 – Ryno/Lapaglia fight audio
1:35:10 – Ryan Hughes
1:44:15 – “I just don’t wanna go through life and just go ‘eh, that was kind of a cool ride.’ I wanna go through life and go ‘holy shit, I can’t believe I made it.'” – Ryno
2:11:10 – commercial
2:25:35 – Jimmy Albertson
2:35:10 – Albertson’s Martin Honda GP talk
2:39:40 – “It was well in the six digits.” – Albertson on how much money he left on the table from his GP contract ending
3:06:50 – Will Tits Know the Moto? game
3:10:50 – Tweets
3:25:30 – “He doesn’t know how to get on that frickin’ ‘lithical’ trainer.” – Watson-ism
3:26:55 – Ryan Dungey to KTM news
3:33:30 – X Brand Tearoffs

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