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Show #60 – Dean Wilson, Jason Thomas and Austin Stroupe

Thanks to those that listened, good show- our longest one yet. Dean-o tells us he doesn’t want to talk about Baggett, Thomas tells us his memories of a Burger King drive-thru, Stroupe says he’s getting back on a bike soon, Watson gives away some money. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

10:45 – voicemails
12:05 – Moser
19:30 – Jason Thomas (JT)
31:50 – Dean Wilson
1:02:35 – “Hey, El Chupacabra, that’s dumb. I’m over it. I wish that never would’ve happened.” – Matthes
1:30:20 – commercial
1:40:45 – JT
1:44:40 – story about Ross “Rollerball” Pederson wearing a #1 jersey at a US National; “When the gate drops, nobody’s gonna think he’s #1. Just let it go.” – Duke Finch
1:47:50 – “I have a life outside of motorcycle racing, not like a lot of you idiots.” – Watson referring to a listener upset he didn’t watch Red Bud
1:48:15 – Tweets
1:48:40 – Matthes vs Carmichael
1:58:05 – “Who’s gonna see my coolers at outdoor nationals?” – Watson on TV coverage for the Nationals
2:03:45 – Dungey to KTM talk
2:07:45 – Austin Stroupe
2:35:10 – Stroupe Tweets
2:46:25 – Steve Cox
3:03:00 – Jimmy Albertson (being told about receiving money from Watson’s Pourcel bet with Cox)  :
3:07:15 – Matt Lemoine (being told about receiving money from Watson’s Pourcel bet with Cox)  :
3:13:55 – Burger King story preview
3:14:20 – commercial
3:23:15 – Pookie (& JT again)
3:25:30 – Burger King story
3:36:40 – X Brand Tearoffs
3:41:50 – Moser
3:44:15 – Will Tits Know the Moto? game

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