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Special Valentines Day Keefer After Dark with Kris and Britney

Disclaimer: Some explicit language in here so consider yourself warned. Nothing says Valentines Day like a special edition of Keefer After Dark with Kris Keefer and Britney Chisholm taking your email sex/relationship issues and solving them. Check out and code pulpmx to save 15%

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  1. 17.20 ..This guy needs to just go full mike on his lady…Not me……Wait till 1 am and handle business on her while she is sleeping…Hopefully she wakes up and sees it…Than have that awkward conversation….Go right back in 4 days later … it again!!, over and over……2 options will happen…She will get with the program and dig it??? Or you get your counseling…and you get more with therapy on her part…..Worst case you have to bail and still get some tail….So win!!!win!!!!Win!!! ?

  2. Dude @ 28:00… Your old bike is going to come with lots of maintenance headaches. It probably runs great and you think it’s a winning machine and it won you a championship or two, but I bet it blows plenty of pistons and head gaskets. And worse, you go to the garage and the bike is simply missing. I recommend you scrap the old bike and the 2020 and go for a new factory or rockstar edition bike. Time to move on from both rides.

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