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Unadilla MX 1990

Season finale in ’90 sees Guy Cooper win his first and only title with tons of drama behind the scenes with Mike Kiedrowski, Team Honda, JMB and more. We talk to MX Kied about it and gt into what a nutty year it was for these guys.

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  1. I was standing in the whoops right when Bayle broke his arm. he was tripling into them and he just came in and it kicked him nose low and he hit the whoop and he endowed into the next one and breaks his arm. The guy I was sitting next to jumped the fence and rolled his bike off and leaned against the fence. Bayle stood up, grabbed his arm and just walked off.

  2. MXA 90 cr125 factory test link below: Interesting comments re mikes powerband having “listless bottom, lack of top end and shifting mid range power”, and De Costers response to the mx crew saying the motor was hard to ride ( code for it ran like shit) – “you’ll love JMB bike. It’s more a mid range and up bike. Mike prefers to have a mid range only engine..”

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