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2021 Yamaha YZ450F Baseline Settings/Mods/Tips

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  1. Thanks for all the work you put into getting the settings for these bikes. I don’t get to ride as much as I’d like – 45hrs on a 2020 450 – so it’s cool that u share all the info after all the testing. Just cuz u have zero comments don’t mean we’re not reading the stories. Figured I’d fluff u up a little.

  2. Really enjoy your work as well as your contributions on the pulp MX show. My question is how close are these settings to the 2019 YZ 450. I am a 50+ Vet A rider (past pro) just getting back to riding after 15 yrs and will be racing next season. I’m currently riding with the TP 2 settings and like it. I like the ability to over rev it when needed (to lazy to shift on occasion) but could use a setting that hits a little easier and maybe reduce arm fatigue slightly after lap 4 ? but still has the hit to clear jumps without the need to corner perfectly. Maybe I’m asking for to much but you would know. Being off the bike for so many years I’m am just getting back to the riding basics and enjoying the process (besides the recent pulled calf muscle) I have the suspension set to Pingrees recommendations for the 2019 450 and happy with it overall but always looking for possible improvements. I weigh 178 without gear and consider myself a top 3 local vet rider. Anyway thanks for all your work and keep working with Matthes he needs all the help he can get :).

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