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Fantasy Killers

Fantasy motocross is one of the most frustrating games I have ever participated in.

Ironman ’16 Photo Report

JT with the captions. You know the drill.

Point / Counterpoint: The James Stewart Chronicles

Swiz and I teamed up to hash out the whole James Stewart trials and triublations of late and discuss the future.

Fringe Players

The Fringe…

Scott Motosports: Can Weston Peick WIN?!

Can Weston Peick win a race in 2016?

Scott Motosports: What Off-Season SX Momentum?

These races are great for the pocketbook but for the 2016 SX season? Not so much…

Scott Motorsports: Industry Seating; MXdN Abroad

The Motocross of Nations is a spectacular event. I have been to several editions of it now and will continue to venture off to faraway lands in pursuit.

Shootout Day!

Ever wanted to ride all the bikes all in one day?

Scott Motosports: 2016 Silly Season Part 2

Here’s what JT thinks we’ll be seeing next year

Scott Motosports: 2016 Silly Season Part 1

Here’s what JT thinks is going to happen next year

Precarious Days

JT$ writes about Marvin Musquin & keeping this thing going

Ask JT$ Twitter Questions

JT answers your Twitter Questions


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