Jason Thomas
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Hammerhead Designs: Finland SX Email Exchange

Thomas and Matthes discuss the recent trip to Finland together

Hammerhead Designs: A Road Less Traveled

Kenny Roczen’s doing something that not many have done before. Will it work?

Hammerhead Designs: Cycle City

Why are so many pros hitting the road or trail?

Hammerhead Designs: JT MXDN Photo Report

Here are some photos and thoughts from the MXDN

Hammerhead Designs: What’s a Privateer?

The word privateer means many things as you’re about to read

Hammerhead Designs: 450 Silly Season Update

Thomas’s take on 450 silly season

Hammerhead Designs: The Rise of Yamaha

After being asleep for a long time, Yamaha is back

Hammerhead Designs: The Roczen Talks

Jason Thomas’s weekly column on the industry

Hammerhead Designs: JT on Unadilla

The rolling hills of New York aren’t always that pretty

Hammerhead Designs: The Tao of Chad

Jason Thomas says it’s way too early to count out Reed

Hammerhead Designs: 250MX Run Through

Thomas delivers the goods on the 250 class with five rounds remaining

Hammerhead Designs: The Tracks

Thomas takes a look at the upcoming tracks


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