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Ad of the Week

Thanks to Sam for finding this beauty. Who knew that a ’96 CR125 was so incredibly awesome?…

A Week in the Life…

As a mechanic for 12 years and 5 of those being for factory KTM and Yamaha, I thought I’d take you guys through a week in the life of a mechanic during the supercross series. I used to get a fai…

Mailbag Coming Up, Get Me Your Questions!

We haven’t done this in a while so time to crank it back up. We’ll have a mailbag. Send in your questions and next week, I’ll post them up here. Gimme what you got! steve@directmotoc…

A Closer Look at the National Tracks

In a twelve round series that criss-crosses America, you’re bound to get some memories in the old cranium that just won’t leave you. Y’know the thoughts I’m talking about, the …

Money for Nothing

If you’ve been reading my Racer X stuff lately, you know that I’ve been working on getting some riders to the Montreal Supercross.…

Wanna advertise on Pulp?

Look, I know there’s a crap-load of moto sites for you to spend your money on but Pulp is actually pulling decent numbers and because I have a real job, I don’t depend on this for cash.…


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