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Pala MX 2021 Review

Wrapping up action from the race weekend, covering all the scoops, with the normal cast of characters.

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  1. How about a “Renthal Reaction” for Star Yamaha signing signing Christian Craig for 2022 250 SX and 450 MX. This can’t be good news for someone racing for a job (think JM6).

  2. If you guys don’t go back to highlighting the best of our sport, and keep expressing your disappointment in their performance i am going to quit listening to you. Stop focusing on how these guys failed your expectations and go back to whats happening on the track. I dont give a shit about what you predicated will happen, just go back to giving your expert opinions on what these professionals are doing every moto. You have made a name for yourselves by giving us an honest recall of these events based on your personal experiences. You guys are embedded deep in this sport and you have insight beyond any of us mere fans, but some how you think we give a shit about how results affected your fantasy standings or if these guys are a friend
    of the show/ sponsored rider. You are moving yourselves out of relevancy in the media. You need to lose the hubris and go back to being moto experts. I tune in to hear what an expert saw in every moto, not who treated you the best in the pits or gave you the best interview. Get your shit together or lose a a fan. I respect your opinion on moto, but I am losing faith in your ability to tell us the truth about what’s happening on the track. I hope you never stop doing your show, but I hope you can go back to doing what made you THE show to watch/listen to. Just give us the facts, stop trying to draw views based on wild predictions and trying to justify them. I hope we can keep this interaction going, but if not thank you for all the good info we have received in the past and sorry I will not be providing viewership in the future.

  3. I know this isn’t a huge deal and not life threatening…but why were the live timing on tv, the gaps between each riders and not from the leader?

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