David Vuillemin
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Salt Lake City SX

Photos by Rich Sheppard Track was dry, hard, a bit rocky and much different from the usual. It didn’t look like fun to ride but it was challenging. How do you ride it right and thoughts on the soil? D…

Foxboro SX

Photos by Rich Sheppard Well, we gotta start with “the pass”…thoughts on it? David Vuillemin: First of all, I want to clear things out. Despite being born in the same country as Marvin, I’m hardly eve…

Seattle SX

Photos by Rich Sheppard Wow, what a race. What did you think about what you saw out there from the world’s best racers and how do you ride a muddy SX track like that? David Vuillemin: In my opinion, t…

St Louis Supercross

Photos by Rich Sheppard 1- What a race by Eli Tomac! He just crushed them and looked to be on rails. Whether it’s the quad, the 3-3-3 or the triple before the first turn he looked smooth and in contro…

DV On… Daytona

Photos by Rich Shepard Wow. Brayton! What an amazing race and how did he do it? Thoughts on his ride? Let me start by saying I’m glad to see Justin up there this year and finally winning a race. He’s …

DV On… Atlanta

Well, that sucks. After getting on the podium last week and finishing second in main #1, your rider Dylan Ferrandis had a bad crash and will be out for a while. Take us through your feelings about thi…

DV on Dallas SX

Photos by Rich Shepard Ok, well your guy Dylan Ferrandis looked great all day. Unfortunately the first turn crash ruined his day…taking that out, what did you think of his ride? I thought he rode well…

DV On… San Diego

1- Well, Jason Anderson won another race and looked great in the process tracking down early leader Cole Seely. What did you see that enabled him to reel in Seely and take the win? On a track like San…

Oakland Supercross

Photos by Rich Shepard What a night, what a brutal track for the racers. What did you think of it and when it breaks down like that, what’s the key to surviving it? The key is to evolve with the track…

DV On… Glendale

Photos by: Jim Tucker   Glendale track was what a SX track should be all about right? Long lanes, good whoops, jumps that only the top few can do! You had to love it right? I’m all for long lanes…

Anaheim 2 Supercross

Ok, the Triple Crown format…what did you think? What did you like, not like and how would you change it up if at all? Before the race and with the experience we’ve had with the 3-main format at the Mo…


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