The Bottom Line Show- High Point

Just the usual hijinks here folks. Nothing to see, move along.

Edmonton CMRC National Results

Check it out, all photos by James Lissimore.

Classic Commentary 4: 1995 Washougal

Ok, we’ve relaunched this thing with a new player and flash to help some of you out. Jason Weigandt and myself talk about everything that went down at the 1995 Washougal national. The class was decimated by injuries and McGrath…

Eighteen Minutes, One Second with Ben Townley

This is developing into a pretty nice little story. Pics courtesy of TWMX

Pulpmx Show with Mitch Payton and Coy Gibbs Archive Up

Thanks to everyone for listening, good show, great guests. Check out the archive HERE.

The Bottom Line Show- Freestone

Episode number 2 is in the books.

Nine Minutes, Eight Seconds with Dean Wilson

The Scottish-born, Canadian-raised, American-living kid speaks.

Kamloops Canadian National Wrap-Up

Thanks to Brent Martin for the shots.

Live Chat Archive

Thanks everyone for coming out. Check out the transcript.

Classic Commentary 3: 1999 Minneapolis

Minneapolis 1999 was the final round of a tense championship battle in the 125 West series. Nathan Ramsey and Casey Lytle were going at but David Pingree was also looking for his first win in three years. Listen in as…

Pulpmx Show w Tedesco/Pingree Archive Here

Thanks to everyone who listened last night. Check the show out right HERE.

Ron Lechien CRF250 Replica

Thanks to Rich for sending these shots in of his bike. The Dogger has seen them and commented it’s the best replica he’s ever seen.


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