Shortcomings Vol 4

Our ace cub reporter Moser takes a look at the guys who came up just short this weekend at Mt Morris.

Snake Eyes- Mt Morris

David Vuillemin gives his thoughts on the Mt Morris national as well as the GP.

Observations from Mt Morris

I went to High Point and this is everything that I saw.

Swizcorner- High Point ’12

The class which has always been considered the seat-of-your-pants, unpredictable, inconsistent feeder-class to the “premier” class, has once again more than made up for the lack of a battle for the top spot in the MX1 class.

Lakewood Thoughts

Some stuff over on about Izzi, Metty, Musquin and a few other things. Check it out.

Observations from Lakewood

I went to Lakewood and saw a bunch of things. Here is a report on those things.

Shortcomings Vol 3

Our man Moser talks about those at Lakewood that had a few issues.

Swizcorner- Thunder Valley ’12

We’re three rounds in and for a series which was supposed to be pretty predictable, there are plenty of storylines no one anticipated.


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