Moto Gear History Part II: Answer Racing – The 90’s

For part two of Moto Gear History, Matthes and I are going to look back at Answer Racing in the 1990s.

Just Short Vol.6 #12

It’s everybody’s favorite “skim”terview.

Observations from Detroit SX

Some SERIOUS writing right here

Swizcorner “Is confidence Green?”

Well, I just wrote nearly half an article and couldn’t stop thinking about something else, so I threw it in reverse and here we are. A red flagged Swizcorner and a restart, behind the gate.

DV on Detroit SX

DV explains why we need longer lanes in Supercross among other things.

Views From Indy

We’ve got ourselves a series!

Just Short Vol.6 #11

It’s Deja Vu…but Moser is back!

Time to move up?

Who is pointing out of the 250 class this year?

Observations from Indy SX

Here’s all I saw and heard at the Indy SX

DV on Indianapolis SX

You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

Swizcorner “Why change now”

It’s the mantra of the Baker’s Factory.

Memories of Indy

Getting sentimental over some good times.


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