“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Ink 22: Shift

Emig’s irreverent attitude and partying persona were the perfect matches for Shift’s desired image in 1997. Photo Credit: Shift Shift Racing is a brand that has had its ups and downs. Originally, the Shift brand came out of a disagreement…

FXR/Race Tech Privateer Island #146- Nathan Alexander

I talk to the long-time mechanic now working for Muc-Off Honda HERE

Fly Racing MOTO:60 Archive-Orlando 1

Truman and Perebijnos join me to discuss Orlando 1 SHOW ARCHIVE HERE!

Swizcorner Indy 3: Plausible Deniability

It’s been interesting to watch the chain of events since Indianapolis 3 closing laps when Vince Friese cross jumped into Justin Barcia’s line causing an instantaneous halting of forward progress. There was plenty of hate to go around, as there…

Friese, Moranz, Hubbard, Richardson Archive

Vince Friese was in the crosshairs after Saturday nights Indy 3 race and we have him on to talk about how it went down in his mind. Kevin Moranz has had himself a pretty notable 2021 so far. He’s been looking good…

Advanced Analytics: Indy 2021 Key Rider Stats

The more things change, the more they stay the same. We’re 6 rounds into the 2021 season and your championship contenders are Ken Roczen, Cooper Webb, and Eli Tomac – the exact same 3 riders as 2020. The only difference…

Daytime Program: Indy 3

I wanted to do something a little different this week, so I thought why not talk about some riders machines, instead of the riders themselves. It’s hard to actually give EXACT FACTUAL feedback from the couch, but my eyes have…

Pro Circuit Indy 3 SX Post-Race PulpCasts

The Indy trifecta is done! Listen individually below or subscribe to The Steve Matthes Show on your Podcast player of choice to listen to them seamlessly while driving or working in the garage.  

Pro Circuit Shop Cleaner, Steve Matthes

There has never been a more anticipated video, with less actual payoff than this incredible example. Steve Matthes FINALLY cleans the Pro Circuit shop.

FXR/Race Race Tech Privateer Island #145- Bobby Piazza

We talk to Bobby about the Indy SX 2 LCQ thing, racing in Canada & Mexcio and more right HERE

Fly Racing MOTO:60 Archive-Indy SX 3

JT and Randy Valade join me to talk about Indy 3 SHOW ARCHIVE HERE!

Daytime Program: Indy 2

It’s awesome and so weird to have a race on Tuesday, but even though the main events were kind of a snore fest compared to some other races we’ve had this year, there was some off the track issues that…


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