Thursday Thoughts

A semi-comprehensive look at who’s going where in 2014

Short Comings Vol 2 #9

Sipes and Troll make the “honor” roll this week

Scott Motorsports: Interviews from Millville…

Some real great info in here Observations from Millville

There’s a lot of info right here

German GP Report

Antonio Cairoli showed that even the heat can’t beat him in Germany.

Swizcorner – Millville “Now THAT’S Racing!”

I may have been the most excited guy around when laZergate was at it’s pinnacle last week but as we often see with polarizing instances in life today, it jumped the shark in the end and I’m glad to bid…

2013 Washougal Moservations

Moser, his buddies and a unicorn head go to Washougal

29 Questions with…Nate Alexander

Moser dives in deep with the sports top mechanic

GP’s Classic Steel #60: 1988 YZ250

For this week’s GP’s Classic Steel we are going to take a look back at the bike that started Yamaha’s renaissance in the late eighties, the 1988 YZ250.

Thursday Thoughts

Check it out, some thoughts on Washougal. Observations from Washougal

Go here to read about how wishy-washy Washougal was.

Swizcorner – Washougal “Fricken laZers”

I honestly don’t know where to start this week. I am absolutely giddy with the sheer madness of this whole laser debacle.


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