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Thursday Thoughts

Here are some cold hard facts when it comes to the supercross series

Triples, Torpedoes and Tequila

This year, I once again got to make the lovely trek to annual Moto Mecca of the dirty south – Atlanta.

Motocross Captured #22- Damon Bradshaw

The Beast from the East at two different points in his life

Just Short Vol.3 #8

Hotlanta left me with a craving for T-Bone, anyone else?  Too soon?  Lets take a look at the riders that didn’t T-Bone someone for the last transfer spot and came up Just Short of making the main event.

BTOSports.com Observations from Atlanta

Lots to talk about in terms of the Atlanta SX- here’s some of it

The 7-Deuce-Deuce: Atlanta

A week in the life of privateer hero Adam Enticknap

The Decision

The hows and whys and what of Chad Reed taking his talents to Kawasaki

Scott Motorsports: DV934 on Atlanta SX

Lots to talk about with Atlanta SX, here’s Vuillemin’s take on it

Hahn, Tickle, Cianciarulo & Roczen Interviews

Some big-time names here talking about Atlanta SX

Swizcorner – Atlanta “The Punt”

Sport is repetitive. The goals and methods to reach those goals are the same week to week. It’s the details that divide.

Scog-Blog: SX = I in Team

The stage is set from an early age for the racers:  they are the epicenter of their family’s entire lives.

Classic Steel #79- 1988 Suzuki RM 250

This week Blazier profiles a pretty good bike for Suzuki


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