GP’s Classic Steel #100: 1968 Yamaha DT-1 250

For GP’s #100, I thought we would take a look back at one of the most influential machines in motorcycling history – the 1968 Yamaha DT-1 Enduro.

Just Short Vol.4 #5

This week, Weisbruch and Josh Hill didn’t get into the “Whales Vagina”, (so to speak), they came up Just Short. Observations from San Diego SX

Lots to see and talk about at Petco Park, here’s some of it…

Scott Motosports: DV934 on San Diego SX

Le Cobra types out his thoughts to us on San Diego SX

Canard, Reed, McElrath & Roczen Interviews

Here are some key interviews from San Diego…

Swizcorner: Thirty-Three Point Three

And just like that, one title is on the brink of seizure and the 450 series is more than 1/3 complete.

Scog Blog: Fact vs Fiction

“A racer is only as good as his last race.”

Hammerhead Designs: The East Region Debate

Matthes and the new guy debate the east coast

Pookservations – A3

For the past few years I have been noticing an increasing number of moto doppelgängers at the races. 

Just Short Vol.4 #5

Each year there seems to be a “Just Short” curse. Observations from Anaheim 3

Lots of stuff to talk about when it comes to the third race at the Big A

Swizcorner: A3

We’re in a state of snow emergency here, so I’m hooking you up with about 30k words in pics.


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