Faction MX/C4-MX/Fox Suspension TWMX Test

This is how I spent my day yesterday.

Pulpmx Show and Podcasts Now Available on Stitcher.com

All you people with smart phones, download the sticher.com app and start listening away.

Pulpmx Show w Reed, Buydos and JT$ Archive!

Thanks to everyone that did listen last night. Archive and sweet photo after the jump.

Seven Minutes, Forty-Nine Seconds with Andrew Short

Listen in as Andrew talks to me about his day at Millville. And then, amazingly enough, Tim Ferry walks by and gets into it.

TWMX Observations from Millville

Everything that I observed at Millville has been documented and is over at TWMX. Click HERE to go and read it.

Pulpmx Show with Wey and Vuillemin Archive Here

Great show last night, thanks to everyone for listening. Show link after the jump.

Gopher Dunes Cdn National Results

This guy won again but there was some good racing behind him. Heartbreak of the day, privateer Kyle Keast running out of gas on last lap while in 2nd in first 450 moto.

The Beginning…

I get the question of how I met a guy from Florida and became his mechanic a time or two so I thought I’d tell that story.

Just Released- Tim Ferry Action Figure!

Just got word that, even though he’s retired, Road Champs has just released an all-new Tim Ferry action figure. Get yours now! I’ve yet to confirm if the toy comes with the 1999 Summercross 1st place trophy…

Classic Commentary 7: 1996 Mt.Morris

Kenny Watson and I talk about 1996 Mt Morris 125 national. Kenny even gets interviewed by some guy named Davey Coombs! This week on the Pulpmx Classic Commentary, Hart & Huntington team manager Kenny Watson and I take a journey…

Vintage Corner- Race Tech Suspension Test

Vintage Corner gets serious with its test of the Race Tech suspension mods.


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