Swizcorner A2: The Martyr

Photos By: Simon Cudby Sometimes I like to begin with a question, conundrum or theory as a means to setup my writing topic of the week. I want to put you in my headspace so you don’t spend the f…

Swizcorner Anaheim One

Photos By: Thee James Lissimore Ahhhh, do you smell that? Unfortunately it’s not premix but it is the cracking open of (no not an ice cold Red Bull, Paul) the seal on a fresh season of Supercros…

Swizcorner: SX Blue Balls

I’ve seen and heard many different takes surrounding that 3rd Premier-class race from this years Monster Energy Cup, it’s pretty crazy. Some people think that our beloved sport is no bette…

Chamberlains or Benjamins?

When the gate drops, the bullshit stops and we need to face up to the fact that we can never be the American hero squads of even just a decade ago and beyond. This has nothing to do with today’s…

EFF Pay to Play

For those of us whose primary fandom of Motocross and Supercross revolve around the US based series’, the last checkered flag has flown and the Champion’s crowned. With the Motocross des N…


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