Ranking the MX Nationals

Here’s how I see the national tracks

Fly Racing Revel Race Roost Guard

I am usually not a chest protector wearing type of guy… BUT

Observations from Southwick

Yup, it was a good time. Glad the track is back

PulpMX Gopher Dunes Canadian Nats Report

Photos and captions by James Lissimore  

Masimo Mighty Sat Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

For anyone that has been hurt on a dirt bike has had this little clip (Pulse Oximeter) on their finger to measure certain parameters that are needed by doctors.

Fantasy Killers

Fantasy motocross is one of the most frustrating games I have ever participated in.

DV on Southwick MX

Here’s what DV saw at The Wick

Swizcorner “Deja Vu-Squin”

The specifics are reconfigured but the stakes are strangely similar.

Bell Moto 9 “ET3” Replica Helmet Product Review

I get asked a lot about helmets and which one is the best to purchase.

Moto Gear History Part VI: Fox Racing 1990s

For this edition of Moto Gear History, we are going to look back at Fox Racing in the decade of the nineties.

Observations from Redbud

Great day of racing in Michigan…MERICA!

KEEFER KUESTIONS 4th of July Edition

Back with more advice for the moto-faithful.


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